The origin of the explosion-proof forklift

2019-05-23 265 Size
In the processing, use, loading and unloading and storage operations of flammable and explosive dangerous goods such as petroleum, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, paper, paint, etc., forklifts are also the most widely used, including transporting raw materials to processing sites and finished products. Ship to the storage and transportation site and load dangerous goods onto the transport vehicle. In these processes, occasional operational accidents occur, such as accidentally falling or being punctured from the fork, and the forklift hits the stacked goods, pipelines or other equipment, causing flammable substances to leak and evaporate. And diffusion. In addition, during the normal processing of flammable materials (such as material filling, discharge, crushing), leakage, evaporation and diffusion are also inevitable. These emitted flammable substances, when mixed with air, form an explosive mixture that, when reached to explosive limits and encounters sufficient ignition energy, can cause combustion or explosion.
When the forklift is working in this environment, it may have a high temperature surface, high temperature exhaust, exhaust spark, arc, electric spark, static electricity and other ignition sources. If it is not protected by explosion protection, its potential danger may occur at any time.
How to improve the efficiency of material handling in explosive hazardous areas, while ensuring the safety of the operation, the choice of the use of explosion-proof forklift is the best way to solve this problem.

Explosion-proof method adopted by TIDER explosion-proof forklift
1. Intrinsically safe type: It is limited by the energy of the circuit. The spark, arc and temperature generated in the normal or short-circuit fault state are not enough to ignite the explosive gas.
2, explosion-proof forklift structure explosion-proof type: the use of isolation measures on the structure to isolate the electrical appliances from the surrounding environment. Commonly used are: explosion-proof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, oil-filled type, sand-filled type, and sealed type.


At present, the explosion-proof type of electric explosion-proof forklift is mainly flameproof. The principle is: in normal operation, the parts of the electrical equipment that can generate spark arc are placed in the flameproof enclosure, and the flameproof enclosure can withstand the internal pressure without damage, and It can ensure that the internal flame gas will reduce the energy when it propagates through the gap, which is not enough to detonate the gas outside the shell.