"The Belt and Road" Global Tour| TDER sets sail with 10 heavy-duty forklifts to help build Africa

Jun 13,2023

On June 9, 2023, the delivery ceremony of ten heavy-duty forklift equipment exported to Africa by Xiamen TDER Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Recently, along with the "The Belt and Road" initiative, China-Africa economic and trade cooperation has seen rapid development. As a benchmark enterprise of Chinese logistics machinery and handling equipment, TDER has actively participated in China-Africa economic and trade cooperation and delivered a bright "report card" for local infrastructure construction and social and economic development. 


Delivery site

In order to ensure that the products meet international standards, our company sincerely invited the customer representatives to conduct inspection with the internationally renowned third-party SGS agency. 8:00 a.m. on 6.7, the SGS agency personnel arrived at the designated place according to the appointment time and inspected ten forklifts in turn. The inspectors checked the information on the number, model and specification of the forklifts, checked the operation of the lifting, landing, driving, steering and braking systems, and verified that the forklifts met the specified performance requirements. After three days, all ten forklifts were qualified to pass the safety inspection, performance test, emission and environmental protection test, electrical safety test and whole vehicle appearance inspection, and were highly appreciated by the customers, which fully proved the commitment of Xiamen TDER Industrial Co., Ltd to excellent product quality and compliance with international standards.


Client group photo


SGS inspection details

The ten heavy-duty forklifts exported to Africa to help government projects all have excellent load capacity and are also equipped with LCD screens and intelligent control systems to provide a more convenient and intelligent operating experience; independent suspension systems to provide a smoother and more comfortable driving experience; and safety devices such as seat belts, anti-slip seats, speed limiters, tilt alarms and anti-collision devices to ensure safety in operation and use. Providing extra protection for the driver and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Ideally suited for a wide range of heavy logistics and cargo handling tasks.

At this stage, the infrastructure development in Africa is booming, and our heavy-duty forklifts will provide strong support to the industrial, logistics and construction industries in the region. As a pioneer of logistics machinery and equipment in China, Tyndall will work together with local customers to promote the interconnection and prosperity of the "The Belt and Road" global "moments", further speed up logistics and transportation, improve work efficiency, and at the same time create jobs for the region. This will further speed up logistics and transportation, improve work efficiency, create jobs in the region and inject a stronger "super power" into the global economic vitality.


Shipping site

Carrying warmth and hope, 10 sets of TDER heavy-duty forklifts were assembled in line and set off successfully in the direction of "The Belt and Road"! It is sincerely hoped that through this act of cooperation of friendship between China and Africa, customers from all over the world will get to know Chinese brands and get involved with them, so as to achieve win-win cooperation.