Scissor Lift
Wheeled Self-propelled Scissor Lift


Platform height maximum:6-13.7

Working height maximum:8-15.7


Wheeled Self-propelled Scissor Lift is a special equipment for aerial work which is widely used.  Its shearing fork type mechanical structure makes the lifting platform more stable after lifting, wider operating platform and higher carrying capacity, wider operating range at high altitude, and suitable for multi-person simultaneous operation.  It makes high-altitude operation more efficient and safer.

Working Height Maxdmumm8101213.815.7
Platform Height Maximumm681011.813.7
Safe working loadkg500450320320227
Extended platlorm safe working loadkg113113113113113
Working platform size (L*w*h)m2.27×1.12×1.132.27×1.12×1.132.27×1.12×1.132.27×1.12×1.132.64×1.12×1.13
Overall sizem2.48×1.19×2.12.48×1.19×2.322.495×1.181×2.452.495×1.187×2.5852.84×1.4×2.595
Overall size(Guardrail fold)m2.43×1.22×1.7112.43×1.22×1.852.43×1.22×1.9742.43×1.22×2.1052.8×1.39×2.096
Length extension deckm0.
Ground clearance-centerm0.1/0.020.1/0.020.1/0.02m0.1/0.020.1/0.02
Turning radius (inner/ outer wheel)m0.15/2.30.15/2.30.15/2.30.15/2.30.15/2.85
Lifting speedm/min6-96-96-96-96-9
The machine speed (folded state)km/h3.
Machine travel speed (lifting state)km/h0.
Tyremm381 x 127381x127381 x 127381 x 127381 x 127
Hydraulic tank capacityL2020202025
Max. number of persons

With technological innovation, our product configuration and parameters will continue to change without notice; 

if there is any doubt, the specific confirmation of our international trade sales shall prevail.

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