Forklift Attachment
Paper Roll Clamp LPG forklift


Paper Roll Clamp

LPG forklift


*Proven durable construction design,unique rotating drive system,meet the high strength continuous operation.

*Strong rotating driving torque achieved the stable and reiable rotating function.

*Hydraulic motor fixed with reversible hydraulic lock, any angle position of lock function.

*Rotating fork clamp with one pair fork is generally designed to operate the load with rotating and clamping needs. Focusing and reflecting the functions of normal forklift application of handling, it also collects fork positioning, rotating and clamping in one body. It also can be developed into very special clamp by applying different versions of slip-on arms that suits for related operations. Used to be applied in recycling, machining, food and logistic industries.

1. Power system

Equipped with Chinese-made engines with reliable power and excellent environmental performance;

Optional Isuzu, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Cummins original imported engines.

2. Security system

Equipped with OPS or ORS seat and brake switch to prevent misoperation and protect the driver and forklift from all directions.

3. Environmental protection system

The optional three-way catalytic device reduces harmful emissions next to the low-emission engine; the sound insulation cotton is used to reduce noise, and the high exhaust system is used to reduce dust.

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