Order Picker
Medium Level Electric Order Picker


Rated load: 1000-1500kg

Lifting height: 3000/6700mm


1.TDER Medium Level Electric Order Picker light weight, good mobility, suitable for single operation;

2.Compact structure, small transportation size, can enter the car of the general elevator and can smoothly pass the door and narrow channel;

3.Double protection leg structure, safer work, and can be close to the working face, the base distance from the ground 160mm;

4.The car body is equipped with a driving alarm to ensure safe driving;

5.Low voltage protection system to extend the battery life; Ac motor, no need to replace the carbon brush, with good slope starting performance and regenerative braking function.

Operation type
Picking typePicking type
Load centerC(mm)500500
Total weight including the batterykg26003000
Wheel type
Polyurethane solid tirePolyurethane solid tire
Wheel front0 x w(mm)180*76180*70
Driving Wheel0 x w(mm)254*102382*142
Balance wheel0 x w(mm)125*50/
Wheel tread:Frontb10(mm)10101160
Wheel tread:Rear
Max Lifting Heighth3(mm)45004500
Overhead guard heighth14(mm)22102120
Overall lengthI2(mm)1865(without fork)2500
Overall widthb1(mm)11301300
Fork dimensions/e/l(mm)35/100/92040/122/920
Fork spreadb5(mm)210-770210-770
Min ground clearance (Wheelbase center)m2(mm)5060
Stacking channel width, pallet 1000x1200 (1200 cross fork placement)Ast(mm)32563670
Minimum turning radiusWa(mm)16572140
Max travel speed (No load /Full)km/h5/35/3
Max.Grade ability(No load /Full)%10/610/6
Brake form
Electromagnetic braking
Driving motorkw37
Lifting speed (No load /Full)m/s0.275/0.2150.275/0.215
Lowered speed (No load /Full)m/s0.150/0.1950.150/0.195
Lifting motorkw36
Battery type
Lead acid batteryLead acid battery
Battery capacityV/Ah24/30048/300
Drive control mode
Driver's ear noise level according to EN12053dB(A)7575

With technological innovation, our product configuration and parameters will continue to change without notice; 

if there is any doubt, the specific confirmation of our international trade sales shall prevail.

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