12 Lithium battery forklift delivery process

Jul 03,2023

        In north of Brazil, a service is committed to providing customers with high -efficiency and safe cold product distribution services. In order to meet the growing business needs, the company plans to add 12 high -end lithium battery products.

        Customer needs: During the logistics process, a large amount of cold products need to be transported, which is very strict for refrigerated warehouses. They want to buy 12 types of lithium battery products to meet the growing demand for cold fresh products. At the same time, they need to increase the refrigerated equipment to these products to ensure that the product maintains proper temperature during transportation and ensure the quality and safety of the cold chain logistics.

        For 12 lithium battery products that customers need to buy, TDER provides the latest lithium battery product model. These products have excellent performance and effective battery life functions, which can meet customers' long -term and high -frequency transportation needs. In order to ensure that cold fresh products maintain a suitable temperature during transportation, professional refrigerators are added to each lithium battery product. The product can monitor the temperature in real time and maintain a constant temperature transmission.

        In addition, each lithium battery product has excellent cars. Considering the cold climate and long -term driving needs, the cab is equipped with advanced heating facilities to ensure that the driver can still work comfortably under bad weather conditions.

        TDER will provide customers with 12 lithium battery products on time. Subsequently, the local team in Brazil will track the entire process and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

        Customers highly praised this customized product. They said that TDER not only met our strict requirements through professional technology and private services, but also provided perfect custom refrigeration equipment to make us more efficient and secure in the cold chain logistics field.