Urban Infrastructure Development-Exclusive Custom Loader

Mar 14,2023

        Occasionally, the Russian engineering team manager found TDER on the YouTube channel and found our company's website to get in touch with us.

        The engineering team puts forward strict requirements for the machine's cab, tires and loads.

        Cab: Russia's engineering projects often face harsh weather conditions. The requirements of the cab are comfortable, warm, windproof and cold, and have excellent visual and humanized design.

        Tire: On the vast Russian land, the road conditions are complicated and variable. The need to wear tire resistance and anti -wear resistance to cope with strict engineering construction environment. They hope that the loader will still be effective and stable under different terrain and harsh roads.

        Loading: For the loading capacity of the loader, they need a high -strength high load capacity loading program to meet the needs of various projects.

        For the special requirements of customers, TDER attaches great importance to it. The R & D technology team was quickly established to understand customer needs through video conferences with customers, and conduct product upgrades, research and development.

        After careful technological research and development and repeated optimization, the loader has a spacious and comfortable cab and equipped with high -end heating facilities to ensure that the operator's comfort can also be maintained in the cold winter. At the same time, the specially designed protective boards and non -slip tires make the loader still perform well in extreme environments, and can easily cope with various heavy project tasks.

        After the machine reached Russia, our team of engineers went to visit and conducted personal demonstrations and training at the scene. Customers have expressed high praise and recognition about this custom laid -loader, and they have also praised TDER's professional ability and service quality.

        Professional technology and private services, TDER not only provides customers with high -quality loader products, but also won the trust and praise of customers. In the future, we will continue to abide by excellent quality and service concepts, provide customized solutions for more customers, and create a better future.