Customized solutions to provide high-quality logistics solutions for paper and plastic product manufacturers

Nov 11,2022

        Among the huge pulp production bases in Northern Europe, there is a company dedicated to producing environmental paper and plastic products. They have been looking for more efficient and sustainable logistics solutions to improve the production efficiency of their products and the reliability of supply chain operations. The company has been paying attention to products from different suppliers, but it always cannot find solutions that fully meet their needs until TDER meets their needs.

        TDER is a leading company that specializes in the production of forklifts and logistics equipment, and has many years of industry experience and rich custom functions. After we conducted an in -depth discussion and demand analysis between our sales team and the management of plastic product manufacturers, helping customers find the key to solutions.

        First of all, we understand the particularity of paper plastic products, and we need to pay special attention to prevent damage during transportation and storage. In order to meet the needs of customers, we decided to customize high adaptability toktakes to ensure the safety and stability of items. This means that our engineering team must redesign and adjust the existing vehicle structure to adapt to the size and weight distribution of paper and plastic products.

        Secondly, we customize the size of the paper roll to for the width, height and weight for the width, height and weight. This paper roll fixture accessories use special materials and design, which can firmly grasp the paper roll and maintain stability during transportation, thereby effectively preventing the paper roll during transportation. This customized paper coil accessory has become an indispensable tool for customers in the production process.

        With the successful delivery of customized products, customers' logistics efficiency has been significantly improved. Their products can be safer and transported to the production base faster, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

        Customized solutions are not only the best way to meet customer needs, but also the key to promoting the continuous innovation and development of enterprises. TDER accurately relies on this innovative spirit and professional ability to become the most trusted partner of customers.