Reaching New Heights - TDER JiuXiLu Mountaineering Tour

Sep 15,2023

On a sunny day with a gentle breeze, Xiamen TDER Industrial Co., Ltd. organized a two-day mountain climbing team-building excursion to JiuXiLu Tourist Resort in Fujian, China, to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the TDER Group in the first half of the year and to provide employees with an opportunity to relax and enrich their leisure time.


Exploring JiuXiLu and Enjoying the Scenic Beauty

The team embarked on a challenging journey of team-building starting with mountain climbing.  Despite the steep and rugged terrain, with continuous sweat and mud, the TDER team was filled with determination, believing that the upcoming scenic beauty would soothe all exhaustion.  After enduring hardships to reach the mountain summit, they were treated to breathtaking views on a suspended walkway hundreds of meters above the ground. Here, they enjoyed the picturesque landscapes, breathed fresh air away from the city, and found inner peace.

After the mountain climb, the next destination was a local Instagram-worthy spot reminiscent of Santorini, known as the "City of Sunlight."  Built into the mountainside, this area seamlessly combined Greek architecture with Chinese landscape culture. People sat on rustic wooden chairs, enjoyed the setting sun, and cherished the tranquility of the moment. In the evening, after savoring local delicacies, they headed to a hot spring-themed park to unwind and rejuvenate in the embrace of nature.


Entering the Wonderland of Hot Springs and Water Fun

On the second day of the trip, the team headed joyfully to the Tianzi Wanlin Water Park, which featured a blend of international and domestic cutting-edge water entertainment facilities. From a super-sized megaphone to a giant python slide, spiral combination slides, and a massive monster bowl, with a total of 16 different experience zones, everyone had the opportunity to play and enjoy a variety of water-based activities. 

Following the water park adventure, they collectively experienced the most thrilling activity, the "JiuXiLu Drift," known for its highest drop and excitement. The fresh air, pristine forests, and the playful flow of water filled the air with laughter and excitement, creating unforgettable memories of water-based adventure.

Joyful moments are always fleeting, but the entire overseas sales department staff captured beautiful moments with group photos, preserving the memories of their shared experiences.  This team-building event not only enriched employees' leisure lives but also strengthened team cohesion, laying a solid foundation for future collaboration. TDER always prioritizes employee care and strives to create a positive work environment. In this atmosphere of progress, all TDER employees will continue to break through barriers and reach new heights together.