Xiamen TIDER Industrial Co., LTD. New website revision online!

Jun 25,2017

On June 25th, 2017. The website of Xiamen TIDER Industrial Co., LTD. (www.tiderchina.com) was launched with a new revision. The new version of the website has a more friendly interface, more convenient access, richer content and more complete functions.




Xiamen TIDER Industrial Co., Ltd. official website, since the opening in 2010, has lasted seven years, although the website product information is very rich, but the website pages and modules have lagged behind, now according to the needs of mobile Internet development and media integration development needs to further enhance the comprehensive influence of the website, our company on the official website was revised.

The interface is more friendly. Click on the new official website, users can see the classic blue and white color page, the overall style is fresh and fashionable, and the visual effect is perfectly combined.

More convenient access. Website content is modular and adapted to mainstream widescreen resolution; The use of popular Internet technology, greatly improve the compatibility with mobile devices, more diverse forms of expression, more expressive.