TIDER basketball game, creating a passionate dream

Oct 26,2017

In order to enrich the style and entertainment life of employees and enhance the communication and exchange among employees, TIDER Company and Xiamen University hold a basketball friendly match in 2017 Oct.25 .Through this activity, we give full play to the spirit of team work and enhance the cohesion, solidarity and basketball enthusiasts Provide the stage to show themselves.

The atmosphere was very warm at the beginning of the game. The scores of both sides rose alternately, there have been falling to save the ball, the scene of the ball. TIDER employees use the physical advantages and superb basketball technology hit wave after wave of attacks on the climax. Xiamen University staff are also no sign of weakness, with the exquisite teamwork and seconds to fight the dedication, always firmly grasp the score, and the advantage of 10 points ahead of the end of the first half.


TIDER Basketball Game

The second half, TIDER players getting better, soaring tacit understanding, from time to time to create wonderful pass and fast layup. The Xiamen University staff also with color, by virtue of height and the absolute advantage of rebounding, give full play to the team tacit understanding, rhythm control of robust features. Players, players actively scraping, personal defense, do not abandon, do not give up, fully demonstrate the staff "positive, upward, healthy, sunny" spirit. Eventually, after an hour of showdown, Xiamen University employees won the game with a 86:72 score.