TIDER table tennis "dream cup" competition

Dec 16,2017

TIDER company held the fifth employee table tennis competition in 2017-12-15. As many as  employees participated in the competition, which not only promoted the construction of corporate culture but also enhanced the physical quality of employees.


Table tennis activities as a group of traditional physical training methods, more and more attracted the attention and interest of staff. Many employees use their spare time to insist on playing, which not only improves the playing skills, enhances the pleasure of life, exercises the body, and gives full play to their energies and physical exertion; and through this activity, it promotes communication and understanding among various departments , Enhanced friendship. Through the competition, it fully demonstrated the positive outlook of the workers and their enterprising spirit and promoted the company's atmosphere of building a harmonious enterprise.


The competition not only provided employees with the opportunity to learn from each other's skills, but also promoted the friendly exchange and communication among employees and enhanced the staff's cohesion and solidarity.