TIDER develops overseas product training -Africa

Nov 10,2017

In order to provide professional and better services to customers in major markets, from October 23 to October 31, 2017, Our Technical Manager John and his assistant Sunny flied to Central Africa Gabon, for product maintenance training, mainly include the operating maintenance of log chargers and forklifts, system theory and troubleshooting. Training adopts a combination of theory and practice.


According to different features of log charger and forklift, training was done with a difference during the maintenance training, including the time equipment maintenance, maintenance period, maintenance content, oil selection and so on. Use the pictures in the Product Maintenance By means of ‘maintenance manual’, displaying the physical location of the maintenance parts, and confirm the maintenance parts, oil filling ports and oil discharge outlet locationsin the practical training so as to ensure that every learners is skilled in maintenance work.

Focus on component locationaround the whole machine and parts troubleshooting method, and the on-site manufacturing fault for learner to solve, so that each person can master the theoretical knowledge, familiar with the location of components and solve actual problems.



Reliable product quality and comprehensiveafter-sales service system made TIDER products win the much high appraise and trust of Central African customers.

Through this training, it can greatly enhance the ability of customer service personnel to maintainand troubleshoot products, providing technical support for reducing equipment downtime and damage to customers' machines, and also lay a foundation for establishing a customer company’ s internal training system. At the same time, the further improvement of customer service capabilities in the market laid a solid foundation for the implementation of Xiamen TIDER’ soverseas strategy!