TDER Business Department Yacht Party & Seafood Dinner: Enjoy the luxury sea group construction activity

Nov 08,2022

Every encounter in life is like a blooming rose that makes our hearts flutter.From strangers to acquaintances, we are like firewood snuggling with each other, only together can become a hot campfire. Life is not just in front of the struggling, there are poems and distance; There are also many ways to be happy, such as enjoying party time with your colleagues.Work is not only limited to the company home, of course, there are also on - the - go team building activities.

Autumn October is a month full of enthusiasm.Falling leaves and shadows are accompanied by dreamy light and shadow to make the autumn more charming. In order to enhance team cohesion and centripetal force, and enrich employees' cultural life, the TDER organized group construction activity. One person can go fast, and a group of talents can go further. This activity aims to make everyone actively integrate into the big family of the TDER. Further strengthen the team cohesion, enhance the collaboration between the team.

At 09:30 AM on October 29th, 2022. We gathered at the designated place in our neat work clothes and prepared to explore the mysteries of the sea. The 2022 Autumn team building event kicked off here.


This activity mainly focuses on relaxation, in order to adjust the work pressure and create a passionate, responsible and happy working atmosphere. This group construction activity specially arranged the yacht out to sea, 2 hours fun. The fresh breeze, the tumbling waves, the warm sunshine spilling over, it's all so beautiful.Laughing with friends along the way, for the common search of beautiful coast.We breathed in the humid air and felt a beautiful moment of rest.As far as the eye can see is endless blue, the magnificent and boundless sea and blue sky.The seagulls were soaring happily and seemed to be greeting us.


Blowing the sea breeze, see the sea, from the blue sky to the sunset. You can enjoy every moment of happiness in your life with your friends beside you and the pleasant scenery in front of you. In the change of time and space, in the moving yacht, watching the sea and the beauty of the two sides, how beautiful. Hold the fishing rod in your hand and feel the fish swimming in the sea. Friends go sea fishing together, feel the joy of sea fish hooked, sing on the yacht, eat fruit, play cards and mahjong, while relaxing, but also enhance the interaction and communication between the team. And This activity allowed us to put our feet up in our busy lives and let the pressure go with the waves.


After the lively activity, it was dinner time. A bright moon rises over the sea and the sound of the waves is like beautiful music.We enjoyed the delight of the food in this beautiful scenery.There are so many scrumptious dishes that we can't make a choice for a while and just want to rush to taste all of them.The mellow flavor from the thick sauce of the seafood stock makes us unforgettable.We sang and sang at the dinner and seemed to forget the passing of time. And at this moment everyone became closer.

Happy time is always short. The event ended with a sumptuous buffet dinner.Every end is for the next better encounter.A sumptuous seafood buffet dinner was the perfect ending to our event. We don't feel sorry for the end. Because every end is for the next better encounter.


This activity not only promoted the construction of the company's corporate culture, improved the team cohesion, and enhanced the communication and exchange between the company's departments, but also allowed the employees to relax after busy work and devote themselves to work and life with a fuller spirit! Dreams will light up the road ahead for us, and the time after the effort will give you the best answer.