TDER Forklifts are delivered to overseas users in batches!

Jul 20,2022

In recent years, as the concepts of "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality" continue to heat up, the greening of construction machinery has become a major development trend. Electric forklifts are more and more favored by users due to their low carbon, environmental protection, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency, and have become the main force in the sales growth of the forklift market. According to data from the World Industrial Vehicle Statistical Union, in 2021, the sales of electric forklifts in the European forklift market will account for as high as 87%, the sales of electric forklifts in the US market will account for 69%, and the global average will account for more than 60%.


It is reported that in June, 2022, TDER Industrial Co., Ltd. has exported 35 electric forklifts in batches to South America. The American market has received good feedback on the forklifts from TDER Industries. Since January 2022, TDER Industrial Co., Ltd. has cooperated with 33 countries and has exported more than 200 electric forklifts. The increase of 35 large orders this time has fully expanded the company's leading edge, and the export of TDER's electric forklifts has entered a stage of rapid development.


The high price of international crude oil has accelerated the process of replacing traditional energy with new energy, and the growth in sales of electric forklifts is the result of TDER keeping up with the trend of the times. With the continuous research and development of products by TDER, the lightweight, high-end, intelligent and better product experience have made TDER's electric forklifts all over Europe, North America, the Middle East, the Far East and many other countries and regions. While being recognized by customers, it has achieved high-speed development for 6 years. In the future, TDER Industrial will continue to invest in the field of new energy and change the status quo of China's electric forklifts occupying the market at low prices.t at low prices.