Auspicious and lively Spring Festival, joyful family gatherings — TDER wishes you a happy Chinese New Year.

Feb 10,2024

During the festive season of the Lunar New Year, TDER celebrates together with our valued customers and partners, offering our sincerest New Year wishes. Let us embrace the auspicious arrival of spring, share joyful moments, and may you enjoy heartwarming evenings with your family.

Looking back on the past year, TDER has worked hand in hand with all of you, striving together and growing together. In moments filled with challenges and opportunities, we have supported each other, overcome difficulties together, and achieved remarkable results. In the new year, TDER will continue to uphold the principles of "innovation, quality, and service," continuously improving product quality, meeting customer needs, and working hand in hand with you to create a better future.

On this occasion of the Lunar New Year, all TDER employees extend our heartfelt wishes to our customers, partners, and their families for a Happy New Year, may all your endeavors be successful, and may your families be blessed with happiness. May our partnership grow stronger, our friendship deepen, as we embark on a new journey together and create brilliance together!

TDER wishes everyone a Happy Lunar New Year, may your families be blessed with happiness and reunion!