Inject new strength in infrastructure, TDER Belarus excavator agent successfully signed

Mar 08,2024

On February 23, 2024, Xiamen ushered in the first spring rain, and TDER also welcomed a distant friend. Dmitry Petushkevich from Belarus, after visiting the TDER headquarters and the factory, successfully signed the TDER brand Belarus excavator sales agent, and successfully completed a series of excavator-related training organized by TDER.


Xiamen TDER Industrial Co., Ltd. is China's famous production of logistics handling equipment and construction machinery products of international large-scale machinery manufacturing enterprises. Deep in the machinery industry for 20 years, engaged in all kinds of forklifts, loaders, excavators and other mechanical products R & D and sales, has been committed to providing international customers with high quality products and quality service.


During the factory visit, Ella, a senior salesman in the Foreign Trade Department of Tadell, showed Dmitry TDER's star product of large-scale excavators - 23 tons of crawler excavators, and introduced TDER's perfect production process and quality control system. Subsequently, Dmitry came to TDER headquarters, TDER General manager Tinna and business manager Justin held a signing ceremony for him.


Speaking about why he chose to become TDER's excavator sales agent, Dmitry said that he believes that TDER's hydraulic excavator "advanced configuration, reliable and durable, cost-effective" characteristics very match the construction needs of Belarus, can continue to contribute to the development of infrastructure in Belarus. Not only that, he also felt TDER's simple, sincere and win-win spirit of enterprise during the visit, which made him believe that this will be a reliable transnational long-term cooperation.


During the visit, Dmitry also had an in-depth technical discussion with TDER and successfully participated in a series of excavator operation and maintenance trainings organized by TDER. At the end of the training, TDER awarded Dmitry a training certificate, which will further enhance his competitiveness in the local market and lay a solid foundation for his business expansion.


Adhere to quality, mutual benefit and win-win. TDER will continue to be committed to providing customers with high quality products and services, and continue to welcome customers around the world to join the ranks of sales agents to contribute to the international infrastructure.