Efficient helper - 6 in 1 Bucket for Excavator Loaders!

Dec 15,2023

TDER backhoe loader Engineered for multifunctionality and efficiency attachment. TDER 6-in-1 bucket integrates six crucial capabilities into an attachment. Revolutionizing your excavation, loading, and material handlin tasks. It can landscaping, agriculture, and various other industries. Its adaptability to multiple tasks can save time and effort in diverse work environments.


It functions as a regular digging bucket, allowing the excavator loader to dig into soil, gravel, or other materials efficiently.



It can function as a traditional loader bucket, loading materials into trucks or containers, and then easily dumping them at the desired location.


Similar to a bulldozer blade, the bucket can push materials around, making it useful for tasks such as clearing land or moving loose debris.


The bucket's design enables it to level surfaces effectively, whether for landscaping, road construction, or other grading tasks.


With its ability to scoop and hold materials, the bucket is helpful for backfilling trenches or holes, ensuring efficient filling without spillage.



It can clamp materials tightly, facilitating the handling of irregularly shaped objects like rocks, tree stumps, or debris.

As TDER's technology perpetually innovates, stay connected for the latest updates. We will bring you products that are easier to use. Stay tuned!