What do you know about Truck Mounted Crane?

Apr 15,2024


Truck Mounted Crane is a common lifting equipment, widely used in construction sites, logistics warehousing, ports and other fields

In the view. It realizes the object by suspending it at the end of the boom, using the power of the hydraulic or electric system

Operations such as lifting, moving and positioning. The following will be from the structural composition, hydraulic system, power system and working original

The working principle of truck crane is introduced in detail.

1.  Structure composition

The truck mounted crane is mainly composed of chassis, hydraulic system, boom and operation room.

(1) Chassis: Chassis is the main load-bearing part of the truck crane, usually by the special lifting car chassis and caterpillar bottom

Disc in two forms. The chassis of the special lifting vehicle is usually composed of the cab, engine, drive system and chassis structure

Make up.

(2) Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system is the power source of the truck mounted crane, which converts hydraulic oil into hydraulic energy through the hydraulic pump, and realizes the movement of the boom up and down, expansion and rotation through the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor and other executive components. The hydraulic system also includes control valve group, hydraulic pipeline, hydraulic oil tank, etc.

(3) Lifting arm: The lifting arm is the main working part of the truck mounted crane, which is used to suspend objects and achieve lifting, turning and stretching

Shrink and other functions. The lifting arm is generally composed of a telescopic arm, a rotating mechanism, a lifting arm and a suspension device. The length of the boom

The degree and structure form are determined according to the actual work needs and tonnage requirements.

(4) Operation room: The operation room is generally located at the top of the cab or on the side of the lifting arm, and the operator can pass the controller

Operate the lifting, expansion, rotation and other actions of the crane.

2. Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is the core part of the crane, which sucks the hydraulic oil from the tank through the hydraulic pump

The control valve group controls the hydraulic flow, and then the hydraulic energy is converted into the machine by the actuator such as the hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic motor

Mech can thus achieve a variety of actions.

Hydraulic pumps are mainly gear pumps, vane pumps and plunger pumps and other types. Gear pump simple structure, small volume, suitable

Small crane used. The flow of vane pump is stable, the pressure fluctuation is small, suitable for small and medium-sized cranes. Plunger pump

High pressure, large flow, suitable for large cranes.

The control valve group is mainly composed of balance valve, relief valve, speed regulating valve, reversing valve and safety valve. Balance valve for

Balance the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system to ensure the stable operation of the hydraulic system. The relief valve controls the hydraulic system

The maximum working pressure of the system, when the pressure exceeds the set value, it will automatically relieve the pressure protection system. Speed regulating valve for control

Make the movement speed of the hydraulic cylinder, and realize the speed adjustment of lifting, expansion and rotation. Directional valves are used to control hydraulic pressure

The flow of oil in and out, to achieve the boom up and down and telescopic movement. Safety valves are used to prevent hydraulic system overload and

A fault occurs.

The hydraulic cylinder is the actuator of the hydraulic system, which realizes the up and down of the boom through the pressure and flow of the hydraulic oil.

Movements such as expansion and rotation. A hydraulic motor, similar to a hydraulic cylinder, is an execution that converts hydraulic energy into rotary motion

Element for realizing the rotating motion of the boom.

3. The power system

The electric power system of the crane is mainly composed of starter motor, generator and control device. The starter motor is used for starting

Dynamo, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to provide power for hydraulic systems and auxiliary equipment. Controls

The device is used to control the operation of the power system, including power switches, control buttons, meters and protection devices.

4. The working principle

The working principle of the crane can be simply summarized as follows: the power provided by the hydraulic system drives the lifting of the boom,

Movement such as expansion and rotation to complete the suspension, lifting, moving and positioning of the object.

The specific operation process is as follows:

(1) The operator enters the corresponding command through the button on the operating platform.

(2) The hydraulic pump draws the hydraulic oil from the oil tank and enters the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic horse after adjustment by the control valve group


(3) The hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor realizes the up and down, expansion and rotation of the boom according to the pressure and flow of the hydraulic oil

And other sports.

(4) Suspend the object at the end of the lifting arm by means of a sling or fixture.

(5) The control valve group of the hydraulic system adjusts the movement of the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor according to the instructions input by the operator

Speed and direction, to achieve the object lifting, moving and positioning operations.

(6) When all the work is completed, the operator controls the hydraulic pump through the button to stop working, and the crane stops working.

To sum up, the crane realizes the movement of the crane arm through the power provided by the hydraulic system, so as to achieve the object

Operations such as lifting, moving and positioning. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and high efficiency in modern times

It has important application value in the field of lifting and transportation.