What should we pay attention to when operating the excavator?

Apr 28,2024


First, excavator prohibited operation.

1. It is prohibited to operate excavators in crowded places to avoid personnel injury due to improper operation.

2. It is prohibited to operate excavators in dangerous areas such as driving, pedestrians and high voltage wires to avoid accidents.

3. It is prohibited to pile debris on the front of the excavator, so as not to affect the vision and work effect.

4. Overload operation is prohibited to avoid damage to the machine and parts, resulting in unnecessary maintenance costs.

5. It is prohibited to carry out digging operations in places such as unstable ground, large slope or vertical slope, so as to avoid rollover accidents.

Second, the operation of excavators need to pay attention to.

1. Before operation, we should carefully check whether all parts of the excavator are in good condition, and carry out necessary maintenance and maintenance to ensure that the machine is in good condition.

2. In the process of operation, you should always pay attention to the surrounding environment and conditions, and take timely safety protection measures to ensure the safety of operation.

3. During operation, the machine should be kept stable to prevent instantaneous pressure waves caused by excessive operation or sudden turning, causing fatigue and aging of parts.

4. After the end of the operation, the machine should be cleaned and organized to extend the service life of the machine.

To sum up, the excavator is a very important mechanical equipment, and it must be very careful in the operation process. Compliance with the above prohibited operations and precautions can ensure the safe use of excavators and reduce unnecessary losses.