Airport Tow Tractor: Operating procedures and safety precautions

Jun 25,2024


Before using a new TDER airport tow tractor

1.Please pay attention to the following points to ensure the efficient operation and longer service life of the airport tow tractor. Please refer to the manual for the use and maintenance of the engine.

2.Fill the tank with all kinds of oil according to the requirements, fill all lubrication parts with enough engine oil, gear oil and grease according to the regulations.

3.Check the level of cooling water, the battery electrolyte and tire pressure according to the regulations.

4.Check the bolt and nut of the whole airport tow tractor.

5.Start engine, then check and eliminate the leakage of oil and water.


Run-in period of a new TDER airport tow tractor

The new car should be running in at least for 60 hours according to the following regulations.

Running timehour


Running speedengine speed


No load

≤50% of the engine rated speed


≤50% of rated load

≤50% of the engine rated speed


Rated load

≤75% of the engine rated speed


1.Check whether the brake, torque converter, steering device is working properly and adjust if not.

2.Check whether the electrical system is defective or with short circuit.

3.When the new airport tow tractor running 10-15 km, check whether the torque converter, drive shaft, the main driver, wheel shell, brake are at the high fever and with abnormal sound, immediately clear up if they are.

4.Check and tighten all fasteners.


Normal using period

1. Before operating the TDER airport tow tractor every day, check whether the level of water, the engine lubricating oil, fuel oil, electrolytic liquid and other kinds of oil is normal, whether the tire pressure is normal, whether the steering wheel, the brake pedal, various lamps, instrument, speaker are normal, whether the fasteners are loose.

2.Place the shift lever in the neutral position, insert the key into the ignition lock, switch the key to the "on" position for preheating in a clockwise direction, then switch to the "start" position for starting the engine The time of starting circuit should not more than five seconds, and the second start should be after ten seconds. When the start is not successful for several times, check whether the fuel supplying system and ignition system are faulty, and star after clearing up the fault. The ignition switch of the airport tow tractor has the function of "anti - restart".

3.At the begining of driving, test to ensure that the performance of foot brake and parking brake is good and reliable.

4.Driving at high gear with no load is allowable and it’s only allowed to drive at low gear with full load. Drive at low gear when uphill, while downhill it’s not allowed to access neutral gear and cut the ignition circuit.

5.Unless an emergency, stepping on the brake pedal should not be too sharp to avoid wear of tires .

6.While driving the airport tow tractor, pay attention to listening whether there is abnormal sound. If necessary, stop to check and clear up.

7.Not used for a long time, release the cooling water and fuel, fill with lubricating oil, protect the exposed parts against rust, store battery after fully charged, then check the engine regularly. In addition, hold up counterweight by a jack to prevent rear tires deformation.