Regular Maintenance Manual for Loaders

Jun 21,2021


1. Maintenance every 50 working hours

(1) Tighten the connecting bolts of the front and rear transmission shafts.

(2) Check the transmission oil level.

(3) Check the oil level of the brake booster.

(4) Check the tire pressure and damage.

(5) Apply lubricating grease to the front and rear frame hinge points, transmission shafts, auxiliary frame pins, and other shafts under pressure.

(6) Check the air filter element and replace it if necessary.

2. Maintenance every 100 working hours

(1) Clean the dust and materials on the engine cylinder head, torque converter, and oil cooler.

(2) Check the liquid level of the battery and apply a thin layer of butter to the joint.

3. Maintenance every 250 working hours

(1) Check the wheel rim fixing bolts.

(2) Check the oil level of the front and rear axles.

(3) Check for cracks and looseness in the working device, front and rear frames, auxiliary frames, stress welds, and fixing bolts.

(4) Change the engine oil (depending on the quality of the engine oil used).

(5) Check the tightness and damage of the engine generator fan belt.

(6) Check and adjust the braking condition of the foot brake.

(7) Add lubricating grease to the fan pulley, tensioner, and water pump.

(8) Tighten the engine cylinder head bolts, check and adjust the valve clearance.

4. Maintenance every 500 working hours

(1) Tighten the connecting bolts between the front and rear axles and the frame

(2) The engine oil and oil filter must be replaced.

(3) Clean and replace the transmission oil and oil filter.

(4) Check and adjust the engine valve clearance.

(5) Clean the diesel tank and oil suction filter element.

(6) Disassemble and maintain the motor and generator.

5. Maintenance every 1000 working hours

(1) Replace the transmission oil and oil filter.

(2) Check the tightness of the engine intake and exhaust pipes.

(3) Replace the return filter screen of the hydraulic oil tank.

6. Maintenance every 2000 working hours

(1) Replace the front and rear axle Gear oil.

(2) Replace the hydraulic oil and suction filter, and clean the oil tank.

(3) Check the operation of the foot brake and parking brake.

(4) Replace the brake fluid of the brake booster first, and check the sealing and braking sensitivity.

(5) Check the flexibility of the steering system.

(6) Check the natural settlement of the boom and bucket cylinder, as well as the sealing of the distribution valve working cylinder.