“Creating Reading Atmosphere, Building Scholarly Enterprise.”

Jun 20,2018


On June 15, 2018, Xiamen TIDER Industrial Co., Ltd. Reading Club was formally established. The vice chairman of the Huli District Federation of Trade Unions in Xiamen and the deputy director of the Huli District Library attended the ceremony to witness the establishment of the corporate reading club.

The reading club was established under the initiative of the Xiamen TIDER Industrial Company Trade Union. It aims to guide young people to read good books, promote innovation, and build a platform for young employees to read, think, share and grow, so that the majority of young employees can be trained at work. The habit of persisting in life, growing up in reading and thinking, and gradually improving in communication with each other, giving full play to the role of the young employees, and promoting the company's innovation and development.


The Huli District Library provides a centralized reading space and book resources for the Xiamen TIDER Industrial Reading Club, which facilitates the company to organize various reading activities.


With the confusion encountered in their work and life, the employees went to different book areas, selected their own favorite books, and fall into the book sea. Time flies, and the time of reading is even more in the blink of an eye. In the era of today's knowledge explosion, the inability to learn new knowledge quickly will be eliminated by the times. Only by persisting in learning can people remain invincible.


Xiamen TIDER Industrial Co., Ltd. Reading Club not only makes full use of library resources, but also creates a WeChat reading group in daily work and life, combined with the way of sharing under the instructor WeChat group, so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of reading and reading happily. At the same time, Xiamen TIDER Industrial plans to build a love reading platform through book clubs, collect books and donate, let more people join the reading and enjoy reading.