Norwegian customer visit

Sep 15,2018

In September, 2018, This in an important traditional festival in China - Teacher's Day. At this time of the year, the company has come to the company to visit the factory and cooperate with the company. The company will also plan at this time. To ensure that the best quality service and products are provided to customers.

September 10th, 2018, is the time for Norwegian customers to visit. The business team leader and all business personnel in charge of this area came to the office early, and carefully checked and counted the already arranged venues and documents. Tina, the marketing center, is even more eager to guide the reception preparation. Around 8:30 am, Tina's clients led her outstanding dealer representatives to visit and inspect the company. To increase the confidence of dealers to open up the market.



The first stop of the tour was the production base of the TIDER factory. Accompanied by the relevant staff, from the testing laboratory to the batching laboratory to the production workshop, each staff member gave a detailed introduction to the customer. The customer indicates the reason for the operation and the product quality is very high. After understanding the entire production and control of our skid steer loaders, loader attachments (excavators, breakers, bulldozers, sweepers, etc.), the original doubts were completely eliminated.



Leaving the loader factory and visiting the second station is the TIDER forklift production base. The tour route starts with the product process. The first is the forging workshop. The customer greatly appreciates the scale of this forging, and says that this is not what most of the peers have. Along the production line of the product, the customer visited the workshops of machining, heat treatment and installation; physical and chemical laboratories, testing laboratories, etc.; and visited the newly completed factory building and OE production line. The customers from the forging and shipping of our diesel forklifts, electric forks and special forklifts are highly evaluated by the company, and we believe that the quality of such products is more secure.



At the end of the workshop, it was already more than three in the afternoon. Tina led the customer to the fifth meeting room for a short break. The business team leader prepared the PPT introduction and explained the customer in fluent English. After visiting the factory, the customer has a certain understanding of the scale of our company, combined with the specific data analysis and the introduction of the company's future planning, and further strengthen the customer's belief.

After completing the visits of various units as planned, at 9:00 the next morning, the company specially arranged to take customers to Taishan, the head of China's Five Sacred Mountains. The Taishan Mountain in the autumn rain is more charming, so that the customers are very relaxed and comfortable. Looking at the small toys and small ornaments with Chinese characteristics, they all fall in love with each other.

Through this “intimate contact” between the customer and the factory, the customer has a more detailed understanding of the entire production process, thereby enhancing the trust of our products and further strengthening the pace and confidence of future market development. Through our communication with customers, we have a clearer understanding of the needs and characteristics of the local market. Through the close cooperation between the two parties, we believe that we will have a more brilliant tomorrow in the local market.