Social Volunteer Activities Are In Heart, Also In Action

Aug 06,2019

Xiamen TIDER Industrial Co., Ltd. actively participates in social welfare activities and has won several important awards in the field of corporate responsibility. It has been recognized for many years in the field of CSR and has become a pioneering example for Chinese companies to fulfill their social responsibility.


Actively promote ESG and build a green ecosystem

TIDER Industrial has been committed to the all-round development of green ecological construction, and actively builds a corporate ecosystem, and has become a pioneer in leading the development of green and low-carbon recycling in the domestic machinery manufacturing industry and promoting the coordinated development of industrial civilization and ecological civilization.

Over the years, TIDER has always insisted on innovation, producing safe and high-quality products in a better way, and contributing to the protection of the social environment.In addition,TIDER continues to quantify the implementation level of carbon reduction measures, expand the implementation of ISO14001 environmental management system to suppliers, and focus on product environmental protection.


Innovating the public welfare system, returning to society will never stop


In the core values of TIDER, the meaning of “good faith” is to take it from society and return to society. Since its inception, TIDER has taken on the responsibility of the forwards in the field and actively participated in social welfare undertakings, and the innovative public welfare system has reached a new level.

In 2018, TIDER teamed up with the China Youth Development Foundation and the Xiamen True Love Dream Foundation to launch a new public welfare program, the “TIDER Strong Growth Public Welfare Program”. This program focuses on the precise poverty alleviation of young people in poverty-stricken areas. TIDER will start with two major projects, equipment donation and literacy education, so that young people in underdeveloped areas can grow up in a comprehensive quality education.


All volunteers, creating culture and values

There is also a relationship of mutual assistance and back-feeding between enterprises and employees. For many years, TIDER has been“people-oriented”and continues to provide employees with a sense of belonging, security and treatment and a sense of dignity.

In order to protect employees' “eat” benefits, TIDER makes important investments in staff restaurants and meal supplements every year. Last year, TIDER released two major employee benefits – “Worry-Free Care Plan” and “Settlement Plan”. Employees enjoy the company's welfare support in the medical and home purchase issues of their own and their families.

In addition to food, clothing and housing, TIDER has also embedded CSR practices into corporate culture construction and development strategies, continuously exporting the culture and values of integrity and gratitude, guiding employees to participate and becoming a pioneering force in CSR practice.

In the commitment and practice of CSR, the employee volunteers of TIDER spread the love like the seeds, grow together with the public welfare undertakings, and become the main force like the Spark.