Fighting the epidemic, TIDER staying with you

Jul 06,2020

In March 2020, the New Crown Virus broke out in Wuhan, and TIDER machinery immediately contact several charity organizations in Wuhan, and donated many masks. At the same time, TIDER employees spontaneously donated 10100 yuan. TIDER believes that the virus is ruthless and there is love in the world.

In April, the New Crown Virus raged all over the world, and everyone in the country was deeply disturbed by it. At this juncture, TIDER cares about overseas partners and organizes and donates a large amount of medical and health supplies, including masks and medical protective clothing, in the after-sales center in Gabon At the same time, partners in Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, Spain, Australia, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, Italy and other places also received health supplies from Tider, and customers expressed high recognition and sincere gratitude.

TIDER's purpose is to lifting a better future. We will continue to stay with global business partners, do our best to provide help, and overcome difficulties with all our friends. At the same time, we also look forward to the moment when the global economy recovers.