TIDER Xiamen Ministry of Foreign Trade Zhangzhou volcanic island outdoor group construction activities

Nov 26,2020

In order to enrich the employees' leisure life and cultural and recreational activities, enhance the company's team cohesion and strengthen the team spirit. TIDER organized the trip for employees of Xiamen's Ministry of Foreign Trade to the volcanic island of Zhangzhou. Not only enrich the spare time life of employees, but also further enhance the team cohesion and improve the team cooperation ability, so as to better serve our business and customers.


Beautiful scenery

Volcanic islands are famous for their unique volcanic geological formations. It has experienced more than eight volcanic eruptions and retains the typical structural remains of the central volcanic eruption of the 3rd century and the landform landscape formed by long-term weathering. Both the sunrise and sunset and the buildings on the island are very beautiful scenery, which can free employees from the pressure of work and make them feel relaxed and happy. It is worth mentioning that the Monument Valley Science Museum, into the museum, everyone seems to be in the game "Monument Valley" in the world, very dreamy.


Get outdoors

In addition to the scenery, outdoor activities are also an important part of the trip. We experienced projects such as "Jungle flight" and "go-kart". Bush flying is an activity that requires perseverance and courage. Only when everyone works closely together and communicates fully with each other can obstacles and difficulties be overcome one after another.

In the whole process of the activity, everyone performed very well, not only showed a good mental outlook and team spirit, but also saw the strengths and weaknesses of each group, and felt the importance of cooperation and communication among colleagues, which laid a good foundation for achieving closer and efficient cooperation in the future work.


We learn through practice and change through experiential learning. Being close to nature under intense work and pressure improves work efficiency, arouses work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and provides a solid foundation for corporate culture construction and sustainable development.