Congeals the heart to gather the strength,win the future together

Feb 08,2021


Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. On February 3, 2021, TIDER Machinery's 2020 year-end work summary meeting and 2021 welcome party opened in Shengzhixiang Hot Spring Resort Hotel. Focusing on the theme of the annual meeting of "Congeals the heart to gather the strength and win the future together", the company's general manager and middle and senior management personnel gathered together to summarize the achievements made in the past year and plan the development direction of the new year.


Summarize the past and set goals

Time flies, a year's work has become history in a flash, 2020 has passed, and 2021 is oncoming. The new year means a new starting point, new opportunities and challenges. The annual meeting officially started under the speech of General Manager Tinna Zheng. Tinna led everyone to review the major events of TIDER in 2020 and look forward to 2021. He closely linked the development of TIDER with each employee and gave him a good Employees in 2021 put forward higher requirements.


Encourage advanced, commend excellent

TIDER adheres to the corporate culture of "loyalty, professionalism, progress and happiness", attaches great importance to talent development, actively reserves talents, encourages outstanding employees, and creates a broad employment environment for employee development. This annual meeting is especially aimed at those who have achieved excellent results in 2020. The employees gave commendations and awards.


Talk about life and let your ideals fly

Everyone has their own ideals, and ideals are like a paintbrush that paints our colorful lives. When you have an ideal, this ideal will determine the direction of your efforts and struggle. In addition to the commendation, the annual meeting specially set up the "ideal of life" link, calling on the TIDER colleagues to reflect on their past lives and plan for future development, and encourage everyone to move toward the ideal of life.


Bid farewell to the old and usher the new, share a feast

Ended a day of meeting,the evening welcome dinner officially kicked off with the performance of the TIDER employees. At the banquet, TIDER employees and their family members toasted to the new year and wished TIDER to make persistent efforts and achieve even more brilliant results in 2021.


Carrying on the past and opening the new year, advancing with the times and celebrating the new year, we are full of expectations for the coming 2021. The employees of TIDER stand side by side at a new starting point, and jointly paint a more beautiful blueprint of TIDER!