TDER's new high voltage lithium-ion electric forklift is released worldwide!

Jan 30,2024

Recently, TDER's new generation of high voltage lithium-ion electric forklift was officially launched on the market. This forklift has become the focus of attention in the industry for its high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and low-carbon characteristics. As a new factory in the industrial vehicle industry, TDER actively implements the new energy strategy, carries out forward-looking layout around the field of new energy technology and continues to invest in high intensity research and development, and has achieved fruitful results in the technical and product side.



Lithium Battery

The 309V high voltage platform, equipped with the original battery of the Ningde era, has advanced lithium battery technology, with higher energy density and longer service life.


Quick charge

Super fast charge technology, standard battery heating technology, comprehensive working conditions full charge for 8 hours, to achieve 30 minutes 1C fast charge.



Three electric system constant temperature control, protect the battery, motor and electronic control and other key components, maximize the performance of the three electric system, so that it is not afraid of any high temperature, high humidity, high altitude environment, can adapt to the maximum temperature range of -30℃ to 60℃.


High Voltage Systerm

Equipped with 309V high voltage platform, the use of vehicle gauge level high voltage controller and permanent magnet synchronous motor, so that the vehicle current is smaller, lower heat loss, protection level up to IP16, battery warranty for five years.


The launch of this new generation of lithium electric forklift trucks marks the logistics industry or related industries into a new stage of intelligence and green. In the future, TDER will continue to innovate, continue to move toward digitalization, high-end and intelligent, and work together with the upstream and downstream industry chains to build a new energy industry ecology, contributing to the world's industrial vehicles!