Pallet Stacker
Hand Stacker


Rated load: 1000-3000kg

Lifting height: 1600mm


1.The "C" section steel made of special rolling process is selected, and the inner and outer surfaces are polished and connected by all-welding technology, which is strong and durable, and the overall structure will never be deformed;

2.In the case of exceeding the rated load of the stacker by 20%, the relief valve will work to ensure that the oil cylinder will not be damaged when overloaded;

3.When the oil circuit breaks unexpectedly, the anti-rupture valve will block the hydraulic oil circuit, so that the fork of the lift truck stays at a fixed height and will not drop rapidly.

ModelMeasurement unitHS10HS15HS20HS30
 Capacity Q(kg)1000150020003000
Load center distanceC(mm)450450450450
Door frame lowered heighth1(mm)1960 196019601960
Liting heighth3(mm)1600160016001600
Height reductionh13(mm) 85858585
Total length11(mm)1350135014001400
Body widthbt(mm)700700700700
Fork size 1(mm)800800850850
Fork out widthb5(mm)560560560560
Ground clearance of bottom of door framem1(mm)35353535

With technological innovation, our product configuration and parameters will continue to change without notice; 

if there is any doubt, the specific confirmation of our international trade sales shall prevail.

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